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Tanzaniteone Mining

Tanzaniteone Mining

TanzaniteOne Mining, Merelani, Tanzania

The tanzanite mining zone of the Merelani hills is just two km deep by four km wide. Not a vast area, but the working conditions within each of the four blocks vary significantly.TanzaniteOne, the owners of The Tanzanite Experience operates Block C and the mine site seriously considers safety, social responsibility, environment and quality.

As a publicly listed company TanzaniteOne provides transparency of operations and maintains full custody of product from mine to market. We are proud to adhere to the Tucson Tanzanite Protocol, a set of guidelines developed to protect tanzanite and ensure an ethical route to market.

  • Conflict Free. Our tanzanite is obtained following established labour laws, without the use of child labour or violence and in a way that minimises environmental impact.
  • The Industry Leader. TanzaniteOne owns the licence to mine Block C, the world's largest commercial tanzanite mining facility.This state-of-the-art operation produces a consistent, cost effective and high quality supply of gemstones.
  • Prestigious. TanzaniteOne's rough stones are sold to only eight, high status 'Sightholder' companies worldwide.
  • Most Beautiful. Our onsite polishing facitily produces truly brilliant tanzanite. Calibrated stones are cut to proportions that showcase each gemstones's exceptional beauty.

Mine Safety

At Block C, sophisticated hard rock mining techniques are used to uncover stone at down-shaft depths of up to 900 metres.

World-class infrastructure has been put in place to secure TanzaniteOne’s shafts; provide adequate air supply/ ventilation; watering; and dewatering.

Keeping staff safe is our primary concern, so we also issue and adhere to strict safety policies/ procedures.

A focus on safety has seen our Lost Time Injuries drop below those of the Diamond Industry.

Social Responsibility


Wire Jewellery Wrapping class for local woman using stones donated by TanzaniteOne, owners of The Tanzanite Experience.

All TanzaniteOne workers participate in collective wage and condition bargaining and we maintain constant communication with them to learn how we can further support their communities.

We also fund training, the contruction of civic buildings such as schools and clinics in our local area.

To read about some of our life-changing community projects, please visit


Tanzania is a magical part of Africa and we intend to help keep it that way.

As often as possible, TanzaniteOne, the owners of the Tanzanite Experience introduce cleaner and greener technologies at its mine site.

We also sponsor projects to regenerate the local environment and encourage the return of wildlife to former mining areas.

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